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I'm a professional tattoo artist and illustrator in Columbus Ohio, currently working out of Cloven Tattoo.


I've been tattooing full-time since 2015. I'm originally from Columbus Ohio and have been painting and drawing since I was a kid. I started getting tattooed at the young age of 16. That first tattoo sparked my interest in tattooing as a career, which I pursued from then on. I began getting tattooed by different people, and making friends in the industry.


I have many Columbus tattooers to thank for cultivating my interest in tattooing and guiding  me into self-discipline. In 2014, the opportunity to apprentice under Christopher Carter (owner of Cloven Tattoo) presented itself. He is now my long-time friend and coworker. Since then, I've made Cloven Tattoo home and I'm humbled and thankful every day for my job of being a tattoo maker.

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